Thanks for being interested in contributing to this project!



Clone this repo to your local machine and install the dependencies.

yarn install

We use Vitepress for rapid development and documenting. You can start it locally by

yarn dev


Existing functions

Feel free to enhance the existing functions. Please try not to introduce breaking changes.

New functions

There are some notes for adding new functions

  • Before you start working, it's better to open an issue to discuss first.
  • The implementation should be placed under packages/core as a folder and exposing in index.ts
  • In the core package, try not to introduce 3-rd party dependencies as this package is aimed to be as lightweight as possible.
  • If you do want to introduce 3-rd party dependencies, please contribute to add-ons.
  • You can found the function template under packages/core/_template/, detailed explanation in the Function Foloder section.
  • Run yarn prepare to update the docs.

New add-ons

New add-ons are greatly welcome!

  • Create a new folder under packages/, name it as your add-on name.
  • Add add-on details in scripts/packages.ts
  • Create under that folder.
  • Add functions as you would do to the core package.
  • Commit and submit as a PR.

Project Structure


We use monorepo for multiple packages

  shared/         - shared utils across packages
  core/           - the core package
  firebase/       - the Firebase add-on
  [...addons]/    - add-ons named

Function Folder

A function folder typicality contains these 4 files:

You can found the template under packages/core/_template/

index.ts            # function source code itself
demo.vue            # documentation demo
index.test.ts       # jest unit testing            # documentation

for index.ts you should export the function with names.

// DO
export { useMyFunction }

// DON'T
export default useMyFunction

for the first sentence will be displayed as the short intro in the function list, so try to keep it brief and clear.

# useMyFunction

> This will be the intro. The detail descriptions...

Code Style

Don't worry about the code style as long as you install the dev dependencies. Git hooks will format and fix them for you on committing.


Thank you again for being interested in this project! You are awesome!